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CIncinnati CHillin’

My hardcore band DSA is recording a full length thiz friday and going on a full U.S. tour thiz summer. Here’s a video


No Slave To Tomorrow
Wuz partyin hard wit my fuckdad in nola. the creature tour 2014
chillin in one of the craziest places i’ve ever been too, a squat called the red house in new orleans. the creature tour 2014
party time wit my fuck dad in da back seat, unknown of da location, the creature tour 2014
in a New Orleans cemetery during The Creature tour January 2014

Anonymous asked: still go with that one chick

guess not

Cover art for our new CD we are recording on saturday. Drawn by Franchesca (Gnat!) and Robert Inhuman (Realicide Youth Records)

My new deathrock band playing a Samhain cover the other night.

No Slave To Tomorrow - To walk the night/wet tarantula

Decide Today full set


DECIDE TODAY - Full set live 9-12-13